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Sakura Koukou

Cherry Blossoms and Sparkles

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All shoujo, all the time!

Welcome to Sakura Koukou!

Mari - coyul - Headmistress
K - dianoetic - Co-Headmistress
Shika - nuklear_firefly - Coding Ninja

Welcome to Sakura Koukou. The series of buildings houses all grades, from elementary through high school, though the focus is on the high school. This cliche school in a cliche town is known for its drama. Visitors to the school have left it amazed at how much like a shoujo manga it is. And indeed, that is what it is.

This multi-fandom school RPG welcomes all fandoms, but with one catch: this game is shoujo only. Meaning any character from any fandom can attend Sakura Koukou, but they will be subjected to shoujo predicaments. High school love story; magical girl; forbidden love; insane, off-the-wall predicaments. If it's shoujo, we welcome it with open arms. Anything else? That's what canon RPGs are for!

But, of course, even crack!RPGs need rules, so read the following:

1: No god-moding. You cannot take control of another person's character without their permission, and you also cannot make your character all-powerful and perfect... even if this is shoujo.

2: Get along now, kids! The drama's for the RPG, not for the roleplayers. If you're having a major issue with another player, please contact a mod about it.

3: No character journals are needed here. Posting is done with your own personal journal, with appropriate icons preferred.

4: No more than 3 characters to a player at the moment. If you have a lot of people you'd like to play, choose wisely!

5: No OCs. There are enough fandoms out there for you to choose your characters from.

6: Yaoi/yuri/het is all acceptable here, and all pairings are a fair shot, so please do not get up in arms over anything you don't support yourself. Remember, this is just for fun.

7: Smut is allowed, but please lj-cut that stuff and put a warning on it. Some of us may be impressionable youths or maybe just sitting at work when browsing the RP.

8: Please tag your entries appropriately with whether or not it's a chat log or active thread, and which characters are in it. Any player can tag entries, not just mods, so please help us keep track of things!

Applications go here.

Final Fantasy VII
Reeve Tuesti -- nuklear_firefly

Final Fantasy X/X-2
Rikku -- coyul

Guilty Gear
Baiken -- nuklear_firefly

Harry Potter
Ted Remus Lupin -- coyul
Victoire Weasley -- asuka_chan

Lovely Complex
Atsushi Ootani -- coyul
Risa Koizumi -- dianoetic

Perfect Girl Revolution
Sunako Nakahara -- dianoetic