October 21st, 2007

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Well I guess this is customary when you start a new school, been through enough of those to find that out. ANYWAY! Name's Garfield Logan, hail to your new king! I'm only kidding, c'mon you know you wanna laugh. But seriously folks, I'd recommend some grovelling here abouts. Don't let my sexy physique scare you away ladies, I only use these guns as a warning.

OKay, everyone's ducking from my one liners now? Well, like I said I'm Gar Logan, you can call me BB I'm well known by it. Have to take me out for a slice of pizza (veggie and tofa only o'course) to find out why, I know you're dying to take this green thang out ladies.
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[RP thread]Short Club~![Open to Ootani and Baiken]

Basketball practice finally over, Ootani was just on his way out. His hair still pulled back into a hair clip--a rabbit one he'd somehow managed to have, possibly one that had once belonged to Koizumi. He doubted she'd want it back now, but he reminded hmself to ask her about it later.

He made a detour to go back to the classroom where he'd forgotten a book that he needed to study from that night, passing by a few other clubs letting out.