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The newly formed Short Club will be meeting this afternoon just outside the gym. If anyone wants to join, we are recruiting members! If you're taller than 165 cm/5'5", you can't join, though!

Koizumi, my mom told me to invite you to dinner tonight for some reason.
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Well I guess this is customary when you start a new school, been through enough of those to find that out. ANYWAY! Name's Garfield Logan, hail to your new king! I'm only kidding, c'mon you know you wanna laugh. But seriously folks, I'd recommend some grovelling here abouts. Don't let my sexy physique scare you away ladies, I only use these guns as a warning.

OKay, everyone's ducking from my one liners now? Well, like I said I'm Gar Logan, you can call me BB I'm well known by it. Have to take me out for a slice of pizza (veggie and tofa only o'course) to find out why, I know you're dying to take this green thang out ladies.
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[RP thread]Short Club~![Open to Ootani and Baiken]

Basketball practice finally over, Ootani was just on his way out. His hair still pulled back into a hair clip--a rabbit one he'd somehow managed to have, possibly one that had once belonged to Koizumi. He doubted she'd want it back now, but he reminded hmself to ask her about it later.

He made a detour to go back to the classroom where he'd forgotten a book that he needed to study from that night, passing by a few other clubs letting out.
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[thread -- open to all] Don't Be Late, Kids!

Reeve was, by nature, a perfectionist. He wanted his every endeavor to be done to its best potential, and so, usually ended up worrying that whatever he ended up with was not good enough. It happened all the time with his computer science classes, and students and teachers alike constantly reassured him that the classes were going well.

And so, when Reeve got the request from the principal to be a substitute for a math class that day, the man was fretting over whether or not he still remembered the finer details of calculus to teach a class to par.

He made it into the room before the students and read the note from the teacher (they were going over trigonometry, thank God) and nervously fiddled with his papers, getting everything organized. He was not obsessive over things like this. No. He had finally just settled down in the chair behind the desk when the students finally started filing in.
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Hey guys, Rikku here~! I'm 17 years old and a senior. My favorite classes are Computer Science and lunch. (Hey, that counts, right?)

I love anything mechanical. By the way, the hacking issue at the end of last year? Totally wasn't me this time.
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Hello, students and fellow faculty. My name is Reeve Tuesti, I'm the new computer science teacher.

I suppose there isn't too much to say about myself, except that any students interested in robotronics or architecture can come to me for help or extra lessons. I used to be in urban development.